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After 36 straight hours of travel there is nothing like taking off your socks, spreading your toes and sighing.  Like the changing of the seaons or aging, air travel heralds change whether or not one is ready.  Stepping out of the Soekarno-Hatta airport we were hit with simultaneous walls of humidity,  jet lag and people.  Lots of people.  And lots of people on motorbikes.  Unbelievable numbers of them.

Kian’s wonderful friend Nelly was there to pick us up and we spent the day being ferried around Jakarta in air-conditioned comfort by her driver Nugroho.  How surreal to be behind tinted windows with gentle piano music playing as the tumult of city life played out around us – makeshift buses, street vendors pushing carts across four-lane highways, street kids sitting on the curb knocking each other around.

Well more posting later. Gunawan, our first bird farmer and an active member of the Perkutut associaton, is sending a driver to pick us up in twenty minutes and I need to put on new socks.

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Perkutut poster


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Tomorrow We Go

Months of planning and logistics come to a head on Wednesday as we take our bags of equipment and expectations and board Singapore Air for Indonesia.

The 30-hour flight will land us in Frankfurt, Singapore and Jakarta where, like exhausted drunken marshmallows, we will greet Kian’s college friend, Nelly. She has arranged a cell phone and reunion dinner of Kian’s friends. I plan to smile and nod a lot.

Our trek is a curious one. The day after we arrive we will be standing a large field of equally spaced 25′ poles. Hanging from each will be an ornamental cage housing a dove and the dreams of many a would-be singing dove champion.

I found some images on the web of bird farm business cards and competition posters. These are not what I imagined them to be and I am trying to ward off all expectation of what awaits us…

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