Perkutut poster


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2 responses to “Perkutut poster

  1. Anthony Garner

    This is awesome (or crazy …)! What we humans find to do, to amuse ourselves on this fabulous planet Earth! Never heard of Perkutut. Searched YouTube, found dozens of (badly shot) clips. The “fields of poles” you mention are very powerful visuals … “installation” art at it’s very best! Can’t wait to see what you’s guys do!

    • Jim de Seve

      hey Anthony – thanks for following the blog. it has been a whirlwind crzy adventure. We are about halfway through. it seems like we have been traveling for months though. gastrointestinal bacteria has slowed me down for a few days – doctor made a house call to the hotel.

      hope you are doing well. we’ll be back before we know it! -Jim

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