Gunawan in the Bekasi competition site


Ardi handles a cage at Gunawan’s bird farmDSC00764

A Champion Dove from Thailand worth US$30,000


Surabaya, on Java’s east coast,  is said to have the best Perkutut trainers.  These cages are also made there at $500 a pop.


DSC00782 DSC00784 The ride back from Gunawan’s.  The eclectic mix of traffic surrounds you all the time.


Kian and Gunawan


Gunawan insisted on buying Kian and I batik shirts because we had presented him with a tie.   The sales clerks got a kick out of it. 



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2 responses to “Pictures

  1. Hi Jim & Kian –

    Beautiful pictures! What a nice Father’s Day gift for me, to view them. 🙂 Shared them with Linda, and will share w/ Mary shortly.

    The fabrics and cages are so incredibly ornate!!

    Looking forward to your next blog updates, and your eventual documentary? (saw the large microphone in Kian’s hand, so I’m assuming an indy-production to follow).

    BTW: Learned recently that, along w/ Albany, the Dutch had colonized Taiwan (and created a “Fort Orange” there as well). Guess we’re not that unique in the Albany area, after all. I also know from my time in Holland that the Dutch had colonized Indonesia, too, and so that’s something we Capital Region folks have in common with Indonesia. I fondly remember all the Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam. Thanks for letting me share.


    – Lawrence

  2. Mardo

    Love the photos Jim, especially the first one of Gunawan. It is exquisite! Thanks.

    P.s. Can I be part of your production crew on your next adventure?l

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