Tonight’s Dinner

Quick picture post to show you tonight’s amazing dinner.  It is cuisine from the North Coast of the island of Sulawesi.  Very spicy and very delicious. We were treated by some of Kian’s friends from high school.   Crazy sambals, green mango, monster prawns, egg-stuffed squid, a sweet-sauce giant crab and fish grilled on banana leaves.  Wow.









The waiters watching the World Cup


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7 responses to “Tonight’s Dinner

  1. Mardo

    YUM!!! I’m really glad you’re posting pictures, it’s the next best thing to being there…well, maybe not exactly, but it put me in the mood for exotic seafood.

    Tried to post a comment to yesterday’s blog but something I did kicked it out. Wanted to let you know that the video snippet was great, it felt like like I was there with you and Kian. It was also interesting to read of Gunawan’s transformation with the help of the doves’ songs. Would love to hear a little pice of that magic.

    • Jim de Seve

      Mardo – thanks for following! I recorded some dove sounds today and will post them soon – the way of determining a winning bird is fascinating – all in the rhythm of the main body of the voice. A slow start is good but a slow finish is better. the internet is horrendously slow here and it keeps knocking me out – but will try to get the footage up soon. thanks for the comment – it is great to know people are on the trip with us. -Jim

  2. nina pattison

    Dear jim and Kian, thanks for putting me on your list. I love hearing from you!
    I’m not exactly sure where you are?!?!?!
    please give me the name of a place so i can google it and really be among you and your friends.
    Also, when you take pics of food, put your finger or a spoon or something to use as context for measuring!
    Have no idea the size of those foods!!!!
    But, yum, anyway!
    love to you both.

    • Jim de Seve

      Hi Nina – thanks for the scale suggestion. I have been trying to keep it in mind when shooting. I ate something i shouldn’t have and am now on antibiotics and bed rest. ah well.

      By the way, we are in Indonesia, where Kian is from. Traveling right now in Java.

      Hope you are doing well! Lots of love back to you! xoxo jim

  3. el

    I am loving all the photos and be able to follow your adventure!

  4. You guys are making me very hungry! What an amazing seafood meal!! Great pictures and blogging – enjoying very much. Too bad the blog-o-sphere didn’t exist when Jim and I traveled to East Berlin in 1990 – it would have been so cool to capture that trip like you guys are doing now. The world has changed so much.

    • Jim de Seve

      that was a great trip to Berlin back in the day. didn’t you tell me that you had stayed past your curfew when you were there before the 2 became one? do you still have bits of the wall that we chipped off?

      thanks for following the blog. we are having a great time although I ate something i shouldn’t have and am now on antibiotics and rest

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